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Pure Sunshine Fundraiser

Details for Dancers and Families

Pure Academy has partnered with KLMJ Sunshine to bring you this exciting fundraising opportunity.  This page is a resource for how the fundraiser works and what materials you can use to help you fundraise.  

KLMJ Sunshine is a vacation rental business with properties in Windsor Hills Resort, Florida.  We're the closest gated resort to Disney World and the resort features world-class amenities, like a giant heated pool, sports courts, club house, and a water park with massive dual slides!  Our properties are among the best on the resort, featuring complete renovations, prime locations, local property management, and a 100% 5-Star Review rating.  You can see more about our properties by clicking the links at the top of the page. 

How it works...

tell people about the fundraiser

Talk to your family & friends, post on social, sell at work, and more. 

We have resources for you!

Ask them to 
get tickets!

Send people to the sales page so they can buy tickets.

Make sure they select your name when they buy tickets!

See how you can earn money 4 dance

Our goal is to help Pure Academy dancers offset their costs.

See how much you'll earn.

How to Advertise

How to advertise

Social Media

If you use social media, it can be a great place advertise your fundraiser!  

For your convenience, we've posted on 
Facebook and Instagram.  It might be easiest for you to re-post / share our posts to your feed/timeline/story and include your own message.  Don't forget these important steps:


  • Like our page & post (not required, but appreciated!)

  • Share the post to your own feed/reel/story

  • Tell followers to Include your dancer's name so they get credit!

  • Include hashtags #pureacademy #KLMJsunshine #fundraiser #vacation

  • Don't forget to say: "Get your tickets at"

  • Make your post sharable so that your friends and family can help get you exposure


Facebook post: Click Here

Instagram post: Click Here


You can also feel free to make your own posts!  We've included pre-made social media material below, which you can choose to use (or not).  

To download social media promo material, click here.

Word of Mouth

Speak with family, friends, and others who want to see your dancer succeed.  Let them know about the fundraiser, what they can win, and that up to 70% of the funds will go directly to the dancer for their dance-related costs.  Let people know they can head to to get tickets, and make sure they choose your dancer's name!

Workplace or other physical location

Post flyers in prominent locations, promoting your dancer's fundraiser.  If you need to ask permission, consider using a script like this:

"Pure Dance Academy is a local dance studio and is running a fundraiser to benefit dancers. 
{My child's name} is part of this studio and is working hard to earn money for dance-related costs.  We would both truly appreciate your permission to post a couple flyers for the fundraiser.  I'm including a copy for you to take a look at.  

People who purchase draw tickets could win a 7-night stay at Windsor Hills Resort in Florida (2 miles from Disney) or they can choose a US$1,500 travel credit with KLMJ Sunshine.  Regardless of whether they win, everyone who enters automatically receives a code for a $50 travel voucher and gets to feel great for supporting the arts.

Thank you so much for your consideration"

To download the flyer and other promo material, click here.
*If you print flyers, make sure to tell people to choose your dancer's name when purchasing!

How to Earn

How you can earn


Pure Dance Academy and KLMJ Sunshine have partnered to provide you and your dancer with a valuable fundraising opportunity.  The value of the prize is approximately US$1,500. The amount dancers will earn through selling will vary based on the total number of tickets sold (by all dancers).  

1-200 Total Tickets Sold

If the entire fundraiser sells 200 or fewer tickets, KLMJ Sunshine will absorb any loss on the cost of providing the prize to the winner.  Dancers will receive 40% of their net ticket sales (Total sales for that dancer, less payment processing & currency conversion fees) x 40% as a credit to their Pure Dance Academy account.

201+ Total Tickets Sold

If the entire fundraiser sells 201 or more tickets dancers will receive 70% of their net ticket sales (Total sales for that dancer, less payment processing & currency conversion fees) x 70% as a credit to their Pure Dance Academy account.

For example, if the entire academy sells 500 tickets and you sold 40 of those at $25each, you would earn US$700, less payment processing & currency conversion fees.

Providing funds to dancers

KLMJ Sunshine will collect all fees, pay all payment processing charges, track sales by dancer, and provide confirmation to purchasers of tickets.  Once the fundraiser has closed, KLMJ Sunshine will convert the eligible US funds to CAD and provide the eligible net proceeds to Pure Academy, along with an accounting of how much each dancer is entitled to after all expenses / shares.  Note that dancers will not be provided with cash and will instead be provided with a credit to their Pure Dance Academy account, per our joint agreement.  

Before you start

Know your stuff!

If you're trying to ask other people for money, make sure you know the answers to these questions:

What are you offering?

Make sure you know what the prize is and how much tickets cost. You might consider mentioning that if you buy 5 or more tickets the cost drops to US$20 each.  You should also make sure to look at pictures of the properties and the resort so that you can talk about why it's a great place to be!  

How are they helping you?

Dance is obviously very important to you!  Can you think of the reasons why?  If you can tell people how much their support means to you, it might make them feel more interested to help you by contributing to your fundraiser.  

A little extra!

Every person who buys a ticket is provided with our $50 off code.  This means that even if they don't win the grand prize, they can get $50 off any trip with KLMJ Sunshine.  

Don't Forget!

Prices and prizes are in US dollars.  We've made sure to include this in the material for the fundraiser, but it may be important for you to let your family and friends know this as well, just so there are no surprises!

Want to know more?

Still have questions?
Email any time!

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