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All about our VR Studio

Using the system

If you've never used a Virtual System before, that's ok.  The Oculus Quest 2 is meant to be easy to operate.  We've already signed-in with a private Facebook account (which is required to use the system).  It's very important that you do not sign out or try to sign in with another account.  All the games are attached to our account and re-setting things requires someone coming out in person.  Please do not sign out or change settings on the devices.

Using the system


Please review your rental agreement for important information on who should and should not use the VR system, including advisements around parental guidance, medical restrictions, responsibility of the booking guest to share and enforce the rules, our advice to always play from a seated position, and more.  Never use the VR system outside the VR Studio.  Natural light will damage the system and require it to be replaced. 



Before turning on the VR system, make sure you are in a space free from obstructions and that everyone else in the home (especially children) know not to come near you.  

Attach the controllers to your wrist using the adjustable tethers.  Controllers are marked Left and Right.

When putting on your headset always make sure to move to your play area first.  You can adjust the top head strap using the Velcro strip, then use the dial at the back of the headset to tighten/loosen. If you cannot see properly, try making adjustments up, down, tighter, looser, etc. You might also need to remove your headset and move the lenses themselves in or out (there are 3 width settings).

Turn on the headset using the small button to the right of the headset.  Hold it until you see the system power on. 

Remember: We recommend playing from a seated position for the safest form of play.  Never jump, run, punch, kick, or make fast movements that could cause injury to yourself or others.  

Create your safety "guardian" boundaries:



Casting lets you bring viewers into the game with you.  At our studio each headset has its own dedicated TV for casting!  You'll know your VR system is casting during play because you will notice a red dot in the upper right of your field of view. 

To cast from the VR headset, bring up the menu by clicking the Oculus button on the controller.  Select Sharing (square button with arrow) > Casting > Choose where to cast (VR Cast 1 or VR Cast 2) > Accept.  We've made a video for you below:

*Please note that it will not work if you try and cast to the GAME ROOM TV 1 or 2 on the options menu; you must select VR CAST 1 or VR CAST 2.


Choosing your games

We've purchased many games for you to enjoy.  In order to select a game, bring up the menu by clicking the Oculus button on the controller.  Using your controller, select the 9 dots > then choose your game.  We've made a video for you below:

Choosing game


Please make sure to plug in the charging cable between uses so that the unit remains charged. Make sure you see the indicator light turn on (by the power button on the headset).  


The Oculus / menu button

Below is an overview of the controllers.  Take special note of the Oculus / menu button, as this is what brings up your menu during gameplay.  It is important to know where it is "by feel."

Oculus controllers.png
Oculus button


Our cleaning staff cleans the Oculus Quest 2 units between each guest arrival.  However, you may also want to clean the units periodically if you are using them a lot.  You may use non-abrasive, anti-bacterial wipes to clean the straps and facial interface material.  Don't use alcohol or an abrasive cleaning solution.  


Current Virtual Reality games library

Click to view trailer!

Games library


As per our rental agreement, unfortunately we are not available for troubleshooting.  The VR system is provided as a courtesy to our guests, however we do not have the capability to be on-call for technical issues.  Here are some basic troubleshooting tips:

Unit won't turn on: It likely is not charged.  It might not have been "docked" properly with the magnets connected.  Please try again and make sure to see the indicator light come on near the headset's power button (takes a few seconds).  

Image is blurry: Adjust your headset up, down, tighter, looser until you have a comfortable image.  You may also need to adjust the top head strap. Lastly, you might need to adjust the lenses themselves (in or out: there are 3 width settings).

Can't cast: Sometimes this happens without reason.  If you can't cast despite following the proper steps, try powering down the Oculus 2 headset and attempting again.  If that doesn't work, try turning off the television set (which resets the casting receiver).  If neither works, you may need to enjoy the VR experience without casting. Make sure you are trying to cast to VR CAST 1 or VR CAST 2 and not GAME ROOM TV 1 or 2.

Controllers don't work: Make sure you're using the correct set.  Sometimes they get mixed up; is player 1 is using Player 2's controllers, it will not work.  If that's not the problem, it's possible that the batteries need replacing.  Each controller takes one AA battery.  We have provided some extra batteries in the VR studio but in the event that we are out please let us know.

The account has been signed out: We check the system before each guest arrives to ensure that the account is signed-in and ready for you to enjoy.  If someone has signed out of the account, please contact us and we will provide you with the login credentials, as long as someone at the Villa can assist in entering the information.  

I cannot see the menu: Please press the Oculus / Menu button.  This will make the menu appear in your field of view.  If it doesn't, hold the Oculus button for a couple seconds and it should force the menu into your field of view. 

It's something else: Generally Google may help to solve most issues.  Please make sure to not sign out, factory reset, or change setting.  If you're certain something was truly broken before your arrival, please let us know and we will try to help.  Please keep in mind that the VR system is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed.  We do not have capacity to troubleshoot general issues.

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