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Guest Manual

It's all here!

Everything you'll need to know about the Condo, property, and any assistance you may need.

Guest Manual

Table of contents

Table of Contents


We are thrilled that you chose KLMJ Sunshine for your vacation getaway.  For our mutual convenience, we work with a professional property management company, Homestead Management Central.  They were kind enough to provide this Guest Manual for you, our valued guests.  Please take the time to read through and ask any questions.

"On behalf of our home owners, it is a pleasure to have you as our guest and we hope your stay here will be a wonderful experience.  We at Homestead Management Central are here to serve both our home owners and their guests. Please respect that this home does belong to a family just like yourselves and we would appreciate you to look after it just as you would your own.


If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us."

Management Services

Professional Management Services



Office Hours Monday – Friday 10 am – 4pm

If the office is closed

an EMERGENCY number will be given

on the after hours message.



Please note: We are NOT a 24 hour call for non-emergencies

However we will always endeavor to help our guests out of hours should the need arise.

Guests calling the office number after hours will be directed to voicemail.

If the call is deemed an emergency we will call you back as soon as possible, otherwise we will return your call the following day.


In the case of a genuine emergency please dial 911 for Police, Ambulance or Fire Services

Additional Services

Additional Services for Purchase

Additional services offered by the Property Managers 


Cot / Crib Hire                                                     $35

Highchair Hire                                                     $35

Play Pen Hire                                                       $35

GPS Hire                                                               $50 per week


All above prices are plus tax.

All above prices are subject to change.


If you require further information on any of the above please contact our office on 407 396 7516.

General Guest Information

General Guest Information

Smoking: This is a NO SMOKING condo. For the benefit of other guests smoking is confined to designated resort areas only.


Check out time : Please remember check out is 10am to allow us time to clean and prepare the house for the next guest. On checkout please do not make the bed up, leave sheets you have used on top of the bed.


Food: You are in a sub-tropical climate. DO NOT leave food on work surfaces or floors you WILL create your own ant problem.

Cleaning:  Is scheduled before you arrive and when you leave. Interim cleaning is the responsibility of guests. We will provide a mid-stay clean at a reasonable charge should you so require.


Air Conditioning: The thermostat should not be set any lower than 72 degrees. Keep all doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is operational. In addition when you are out during the day please close the blinds to help keep the house cool.


Dishwasher: Please make sure you only use automatic dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher. Strictly DO NOT use washing up liquid/washing powder in the dishwasher you WILL damage the machine.

Garbage Disposal: This is operated by a switch on the wall. Run cold water continuously whilst in use. Remember if you can eat it generally it can go into the garbage-disposal. Please do not overload or put in any metal objects, or bones etc. If the disposal stops working please push the reset button located on the unit under the sink.


Washer: Please do not overload the washing machine. Please take care not to put colored items into the machine with white towels/sheets.


Dryer: Please make sure that the lint filter is clean and in place during drying.


Security: Please make sure the property is secure when vacated. 


Toilets: American sewer systems will not accommodate anything other than toilet tissue and human waste flushed down the toilet. Please do not flush food, garbage, paper towels, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers or any other items down the toilet. It WILL block the system.

Pets: Not permitted in the condo.

Visitors- Guests may contact the guard house at 407-397-1464 to authorize visitors.  The total number of people in the condo at any time may not exceed the occupancy limit.  Overcrowding is not permitted and guests violating the policy could be evicted by resort security. 


Food delivery- Please inform the guard house of any food deliveries so that they will be allowed on the resort grounds. 407-397-1464.


Parking- Vehicles are not permitted to park on community roads.  The speed limit throughout the resort is 25mph.  Condos are permitted one vehicle in the parking space at the condo.  A second vehicle is permitted but must be parked in the oversize lot (obtain a free permit for this at the guard house).


Boats, trailers, commercial vehicles, oversize vehicles, RVs must be parked in the oversize vehicle parking lot, next to the tennis courts. A permit is required for this and is available at the guard house (free).  All vehicles with a trailer attached must use the front gate.

Amenities such as the pool, game room, fitness centre, etc require a code for entry.  Visit the welcome centre between 8am and 10pm to get the codes. 


Playground code is found on the parking permit.


Quiet hours begin at 11pm, however guests are asked to always be mindful and respectful of neighbours.  Windsor Hills is a family resort. If you or your  other Guests are unreasonably disturbed by others, the Sheriff’s department can be contacted at 407-388-2222.


Windsor Hills Market Place is open between 8:30am to 8:30pm daily (sandwiches, wraps, salads, beverages, newspapers, pool items).


Cyber café is located in the Welcome Centre and can facilitate printing, copying, faxing (fees apply).

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in / Check-out


Welcome to your vacation home!! Check in is from 4pm onwards on the day of your arrival.  Please remember that you will need to register at the guard house upon first arrival (don't forget your booking confirmation documents).  Your door code will be provided to you by email but in case of any miscommunication, please contact the Management Company at 407-396-7516.


Check out time is 10 am on the day of departure.

Please make sure you do vacate the home promptly. The management company will charge a $50 re-scheduling fee should the cleaner arrive and the home not be vacated. Late check outs must have prior consent from the management company before the day of departure. There may be a small charge for this. Please leave all trash in bags in the trash bins provided. Please do not leave trash bags on the floor outside as you may not be leaving on a day when there is a trash pick-up and any left at the curbside will be shredded by wildlife or attacked by ants. Please keep any opened food items in the fridge and do not fill garbage bags full of raw food for the above reasons.

If there are any dirty dishes please put them in the dish washer and start the cycle. We will gladly put them away.

Our cleaners would greatly appreciate it if you could start the laundry of towels.

Please turn off all lights and ceiling fans and please ensure that all windows and patio doors are secured. Please lock the door behind you and make sure you lock the door.

Thank you. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.




All numbers in the US start with a three digit number followed by a seven digit number.

The phone in your condo  will allow local and long distance calls to the US and Canada.

You will find the number to this home on the telephone.

Should you need to make an INTERNATIONAL call, you will need to purchase a phone card from any gas station or convenience store. The card will have a toll free access phone number to call. You will then need to dial 011 followed by the country code. For example the UK is 44 and you must omit the first 0 from the area code.


For example:

If your number is  01942 you would dial 011 44 1942

And then add the number.


Don’t forget the time difference!

Cable TV

Cable TV

This condo has a digital cable service with over 200 channels to choose from. The remote you will be using is a black, long remote with the name ‘Brighthouse’ at the bottom of the remote.

This remote is two remotes in one. It controls the cable box as well as the TV. To turn on the cable box, push the white ‘CBL’ button at the top right of the remote. This tells the remote to talk to the cable box. Now press the red PWR button to turn on the cable box. With the cable box now on, we need to change the remote to a TV remote by pressing the white ‘TV’ button near the top of the remote. Now press the red PWR button to turn on the TV. Take these steps backwards to turn them both off when done.

Our normal channels run from 1 – 199. Continuous music can be found on channels 400 – 446.

All premium and ‘pay per view’ channels have been blocked.  

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

This home has a wireless internet service provided for the guests.

This wireless service is for unlimited use and has no time restrictions.


Once you have turned on your laptop in the bottom task bar click on the wireless icon to ‘view available wireless networks’. You then may have to click on ‘refresh network list’ to see what networks are close by and at this house.

The username for the wireless at this house is its street number and the initials of the street name.

The ‘key number’ or ‘password’ is the 10 digit phone number of the house with no dashes or spaces, just the number. You will find this number displayed on the house telephone.

You will then be connected to the internet.

Go to your home page to confirm.

If you have any questions please call Homestead Management Central during office hours at 407 396 7516.

Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling

Garbage-Trash is picked up daily except Wednesdays and National Holidays.  Collection begins at 7:00am so please put trash out early INSIDE the bench mate located at your front door.  There is no street-side collection.  Trash must be placed inside a 13 gallon trash bag.  No loose trash or liquids.  Oversize or extra trash can be deposited in any of four community dumpsters (the closest one is at the corner of Comrow & Almaton Loop).


Recycling- Single stream recycling is available at the Recreation Area.  Guests are urged to deposit their recyclables from 8am to 10pm daily.

Driving in Florida

Driving in Florida

You must carry your driving license, car rental papers and insurance with you at all times by law.

Watch your speed, the police are very strict and frequently use radar catch speeders.

If you are fined you must pay your fine before departure.        

Children under 3 must be in a car seat. ALL passengers must wear a seatbelt.

You must stop at a red light. However if it is safe and unless otherwise stated, you may proceed right if you wish.

Turn your lights on when it is raining.

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. You will be arrested if stopped. Not even an open bottle of alcohol is allowed in the car in Florida.

Watch out for cars overtaking on either side of you in Florida. Generally slow traffic should keep to the right.

If you see a school bus stopping with flashing lights, you must stop even if you are on the other side of the rad. This does not apply if you are coming the other way on a duel carriageway.




Only approximately 1 hour from Orlando East on I-4 is the Atlantic

Ocean and a very well-known beach.... You can actually drive on the beach for 23 miles, or as locals say, you can cruise..... During

February, March and April there are lots of events, including Bike

Week in late February. A great place for sunbathing and fishing,




Only 45 minutes away from Kissimmee take Highway 192 East to

the Cocoa Beach exit. Nova Road to SR 525, turn right, then follow the signs to the beaches This beach has no cars or bikes and has plenty of picnic areas and great little bars where you can enjoy cool drinks while watching the beach activities. It is also not too far from Cape Canaveral.


This beach is situated South of Daytona. It is less commercialized

than some beaches and you can still take your car onto the beach.

It’s also good for fishing.


Situated on the Gulf Coast, both of these locations have excellent

white sandy beaches. Located an approximate 2hour drive away onWest I-4



Why not go and enjoy Ameicas favourite passtime… shopping!! Below are a list of locations.

Florida Mall

Intersection of 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and S482 (Sand Lake Road). In this 2.2 million square foot center you will find large department stores, specialty stores and a large food court and eating areas.

The Mall at Millennia

Designer shopping mall. Exit 78 of the Interstate 4 (I4).Many stores including Macey’s Bloomingdales, Burberry, etc. Fantastic food court and a great selection of restaurants.

The Loop

The Loop is a shopping and dining complex, which is already becoming very popular. Take I-4 East to Exit 65 (Eastbound), Osceola Parkway (toll road) Take Osceola Parkway east for seven miles. The Loop is at the junction with John Young.

Orlando Premium Outlet

Jumbo outdoor outlet mall with clothing, shoe and accessory shops including high-end designers at great discount prices.



You will never be short of something to do here in Orlando, if you can tear yourself away from the pool you may wish to try some of these attractions.


Magic Kingdom

This is magical experience for the whole family. With Disney themed rides to roller coasters. This park really does help you rediscover your childhood.

Animal Kingdom

This Disney Park features ride shows and safaris, roller coasters and animal themed rides. Get up close to animals that you didn’t know existed.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You will find yourself lost amongst the film set of famous television films and programs. You can experience the horror of a falling elevator on the tower of terror or grab a ride in Aerosmith’s limo rollercoaster.


Ever wanted to know what the future may hold? Epcot will take you on a ride into the future to investigate the possibilities of new technology. Walk around the different worlds and sample the different flavors of culture in the bars and restaurants.


Universal Studios

Over 40 rides, shows, movie sets and attractions. Ride the fantastic Transformers 3D ride, Rip Ride Rocket or Revenge of the Mummy.


Island of Adventures

If you are looking for a thrill seeking experience look no further. Experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Incredible Hulk or get ready to get soaked on the Jurassic Park River Adventure.


Sea World

A place where moments become memories. Feed the dolphins, experience Shamu and the Penguins. From Sea Lion shows to Walrus’s , Sea World has it all.


Busch Gardens

From Wildlife to wild rides this park is a must to visit. You will be taken deep into the jungle to experience all animals imaginable. Experience many roller coaster and thrill rides and this wonderful park.


Owned by Sea World and located opposite the park on International Drive. This is the newest water park to open in Orlando. Slide down tubes, travel underwater and see dolphins swimming around you on pone of the fantastic rides.


Typhoon Lagoon

A park owned by Disney created with a mixture of tropical water slides and a large wave pool.


Blizzard Beach

With 19 water slides and bobsled runs, this is Disney’s largest water park. If you dare-experience the tallest free fall slide in the world ‘Summit Plummet’

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