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KLMJ Sunshine Villa Pool

See Why We've Got the Best Pool in Windsor Hills!


When you choose to stay at 
Oasis Villa, you get the best pool experience on the resort!

The Best Location

Views of Fireworks and Rocket Launches 

Newly resurfaced, color-changing lighting, and heat that actually works.

Safety features for your family and FREE pool and spa heat!

The Details

Location, location, location!  We are located at the 2nd closest villa to the main club house and the pool overlooks the lake, water park, and main pool.  You can't get any closer, so why walk 10 or 20 minutes every time you want to head to the main pool?  Keep it simple and choose the most convenient location in Windsor Hills!

Live life in color (or colour if that's your thing).  Our pool has been newly resurfaced and fitted with color-changing LED lamps in the pool and spa, which can be controlled from the villa.  Enjoy the ambience as the steam rises gently from the pool at night; there's no better view!


We've got a couple hidden gems too.  If you look closely, you can see Disney Fireworks every night to the left, and you can see rocket launches from Cape Canaveral to the right (see SpaceX website for launch schedules). 

Our heat works.  Let's face it, Windsor Hills is the BEST resort around and easily the best location, but the homes are 15yrs old.  We've invested heavily into making our villa #1 through a top-to-bottom remodel, and the pool heater is no exception.  With some other homes, you will see that owners can't guarantee the pool heat when the weather is cooler (and when you need it most) if the pool heater hasn't been updated.  No excuses here- our pool heater is top of the line and it cranks out warm water when you need it.  We heat the pool to 86 degrees and the spa gets up to 104 degrees when activated by the timer dial.  Don't disappoint the kids with a cold pool!  Don't disappoint your spouse with a sub-par spa!  Best of all, we don't charge for pool/spa heat.  

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